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Rules Regulation

1.      Children must come to school in neat and tidy uniform and shoes. Students not in proper uniform will not be allowed to enter into their class rooms.
2.      Perfect silence should be maintained during the SILENCE BELL and PRAYER BELL.
3.      Children must come to class with the lessons well prepared and the home work completed.
4.      School diary should be brought daily to class. If the diary is lost, made dirty and shabby, a new diary will have to be purchased.
5.      Every child must attend the Prayer Assembly in the morning. Late arrivals will have to go back home.
6.      No child is allowed to leave school campus during school hours. In case of urgency, an application signed by parent should be given in the morning before assembly.
7.      No paper, peels, scraps of food etc., are to be left lying around. There is a bin provided for the purpose.
8.      No child is to be absent without a written application and prior permission for leave. In case of  infectious disease no child is to come to school without a medical certificate of fitness.
9.      No jewellery is to be worn and no make up of any kind is to be used. Nails and hair are to be kept short and neat Girls may braid their long hair into two plaits.
10.    When children move along varandah while changing classes, they must walk in silence.
11.    To obtain fluency in speaking English, all are expected to speak in English in the school. Conversation in vernacular is not allowed in the school campus. This is a MUST.
12.    Students should not write on furniture or walls and should not deface or destroy any school property. Fine will be imposed in proportion to property damaged.
13.    Children are strictly forbidden to buy eatables from the vendors around the school.
14.    Students are expected to observe discipline and decorum in and outside the school campus.
15.   ‘COURTESY BEGETS COURTESY‘. Make use of words ‘Please' and 'Thanks'. If you have to criticise, do not be destructive but be constructive.
16.    Be proud to be a student of Divine Public School and uphold the name of the school.