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About Director

Welcome all the viewers … Writing for our school is immense pleasure for me...-

Generally the school is suppose to be a place where kids are going to learn the skill of reading… writing…. means the use of pencil… paper… etc. But actually its not true . When I think about my school , I think from my heart . And the thoughts , which arise, just want to share with all the visitors of our website. In my opinion the school is nothing else than a garden . Our little ones, our loving kids are like a tiny seed who has a hidden treasure but cannot be opened by themselves . They need someone to help them to open their eyes to see the new horizon . Our school is the place , where we are helping them to open this hidden treasure of the ability.

In school each and every person is teacher even the student him/herself . We are preparing our kids to learn from every person , from every moment of the life . We disclose the ability of the student to the extent that he/she will be able to teach his/her own class . I believe that every child has the potential to achieve greatness in his/her personality and we are discovering that greatness inside them. Actually the child is like raw clay and this is the responsibility of parents and teachers to shape them with their proper concern physically, mentally as well as emotionally . Our teachers are doing the same whole heartedly.

This is our resolution to upkeep our each and every student till the extent , so that they will touch their sky with their own individuality .
Thanks for your visit...

Mr. Vimal Kumar Pandey